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San Mateo/
Silicon Valley

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Looking for the freshest local fare? The As Fresh as it Gets program ties together the area’s hospitality, agriculture, fishing and wine and beer making industries, rewarding and promoting establishments serving our outstanding fresh and local products. These establishments, serving our amazing fresh local produce, seafood, wine and beer, make San Mateo County and Palo Alto a world-class culinary tourism destination.

Map Out Your Stay!

STAY. MEET. EAT. and PLAY. with us! We’ve added a handy tool to help our visitors map out their stay with us. Click on the map below and learn about all the things to see and do in San Mateo County/Silicon Valley.   [more]

San Mateo County Farms/Fish/Fine Wine and Foam Map – a guide.

Do you ever wonder where hotels, farmers markets and restaurants get their fresh, local produce and fresh seafood?  Or who is growing the healthy greens, fruits and other veggies in which we all indulge? Have you ever wondered which farms offer tours or which ones have their own farm... [more]

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